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Though they’re already introduced on Clossed Lines’ website, I’d like to introduce again the designers of Muovo for readers who just bumped into this blog.

Sanna and Anni: They met during their textile studies and found the same passion for designing things that last a bit longer than one season. Then, they founded the office. They excel at surface design.
Muovoの特徴は何と言ってもカラフルで幾何学的なパターン。そこには 人々の暮らしを「明るく、心地よく」、またその幾何学的パターンには、「人それぞれに解釈を」という思いが込められています。
Graphical pattern is the feature of Muovo, which can evoke different feelings or memories in each person and brings color and joy to people’s homes. All the products are made by ecological materials and manufactured in locally, which conveys passion for longer lasting  products.

2人はとても「フィンランド」。洗練されていて、穏やかで、爽やか – 自分が持っているフィンランドの印象そのもの。Muovoのパターンにも、自然と都会とが共存するヘルシンキ在住の彼女たちの印象と同じものを感じます。皆さんはどういう印象でしょうか・・・・??
They are very “Finland” . Sophisticated, calm and fresh – that is the same as my impression about Finland. There is the same impression from their design as them who live in Helsinki which has both urban and nature sides.

Because of graphical pattern, the products can be used for both men and women. I personally feel they give women cool and give men soft (in good meaning or fresh) impression.